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Established in 1929, Weaver Brothers is a third-generation-led family farm operation still owned and managed by the founding family with the fourth generation of the family now working in Versailles, Ohio. Due to our longevity, our company has been an integral part of the community for many years and takes the role of community leader seriously, as demonstrated by our tendency to consistently go above and beyond legal and regulatory environmental requirements.

In Weaver Brothers nearly 80 years of business, our farm’s 350 employees have worked tirelessly to ensure that our egg production operations are among the best-managed in the nation. Because of this continued commitment to being diligent stewards of the environment and good neighbors in the community, Weaver Brothers has been recognized numerous times with state and national awards.

Weaver Brothers’ approach to environmental and community responsibility is applied across our company’s operations. We strive for excellence at every opportunity, whether we’re ensuring soil and water quality, providing safe and humane care for our flocks, or producing a high-quality egg for consumers.

Animal Care
Educational & Community Outreach
Awards & Recognition

Animal Care
Weaver Brothers makes responsible decisions about animal well-being, ensuring our hens are raised in a healthy, safe environment. We’ve adopted broad animal welfare guidelines at both state and national levels, all of which are based on scientific research and assure consumers that the environment provided to the hens is safe, humane and disease-free. Some of these guidelines and programs include the Ohio Egg Quality Assurance Program, the National Poultry Improvement Program, and the United Egg Producers (UEP) Five-Star Program.

We also take pride in our certification through UEP’s Animal Care Certification program, which signals that our operations meet or exceed all standards for animal care and health.

These stringent standards for animal care ensure protection of flocks and provide high-quality, safe and fresh eggs for consumers.

Bottom line – Weaver Brothers’ business is eggs. It is in our farm’s best interest to set the highest standards and implement only those procedures that result in the best quality care of our hens.

Continually looking to the future, Weaver Brothers regularly examines advancements in technology that may benefit our operations while preserving clean water, air and soil, and positively influencing the natural habitat.

In addition, Weaver Brothers has completed the Livestock Environmental Permitting Program (LEPP). An Ohio Department of Agriculture program, LEPP regulates Ohio’s livestock and poultry farms, their construction, and how these farms handle manure and waste water to protect surface and ground water quality, as well as manage flies, rodents and other pests.

A poultry farm that does not take its environmental responsibilities seriously is likely to alienate customers, damage the industry and put its own survival in question. More importantly, any large farm operation has an ethical responsibility to do so. Ensuring clean air and water and a safe food chain has always been a priority of Weaver Brothers.

Educational and Community Outreach
We play an ongoing and integral role in local outreach programs in our community. Farm managers and company leaders participate regularly in county extension meetings as well as civic organizations – and recently we expanded our efforts beyond the local community to reach a broader range of Ohioans.

All of Weaver Brothers’ farm managers blend their sound understanding of production economics with concern about environmental quality by participating in the Livestock Environmental Assurance Program coordinated by the Ohio Livestock Coalition. Weaver Brothers’ continuous involvement with this organization as well as the Ohio Poultry Association, various task forces and the Ohio Department of Agriculture, helps our farm managers remain up-to-date on all aspects of operational, regulatory and environmental issues related to large farm facilities.

Awards and Recognition
In 2003, Weaver Brothers received the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESA) presented by the Ohio Poultry Association and Ohio Livestock Coalition. The ESA program annually honors outstanding accomplishments made by farmers who develop and implement exemplary management practices that protect the environment and conserve precious natural resources. In doing so, Weaver Brothers has minimized the operations' footprints on the environment by working to preserve and improve water and air quality, to protect the land and promote wildlife.

A year later, Weaver Brothers received the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association’s Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award at the 2004 International Poultry Exposition. This national award is given in recognition of exemplary environmental stewardship by family farmers engaged in poultry and egg production. Weaver Brothers was selected as the winner from the North Central region, one of six regions from which winners were chosen.

Most recently, Weaver Brothers has been honored as one of several area businesses in Versailles that have demonstrated environmental excellence through effective policies and programs. The Goodyear Environmental Award, given by the Darke County Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee in collaboration with the Darke County Solid Waste District, reflects our company’s adherence to sound operational practices and socially responsible stewardship.

For more information about the egg industry, please visit the Ohio Poultry Association Web site.